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Martin Simpson at the workshop
Turnstone Guitar Company are making beautiful guitars while paying particular attention to the pressing issue of native and sustainable tone woods.
Martin Simpson - one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world
Martin Simpson at the workshop
Behind the Turnstone brand, you have a high level luthier, Rosie Heydenrych. The guitars are just beautiful, made with high grade woods and very well assembled. Don't forget to look inside : innovations are there, and for just one goal : the sound. Beautiful look and sound, what else ?"​​
Shaï Sebbag - jazz/world solo guitarist
Martin Simpson at the workshop
...the tone is nothing short of spectacular with incredible balance across the frequency range... one of the best acoustics we’ve ever reviewed here at Guitar Interactive Magazine - so much so that we’ve decided it is simply unrateable on our normal scale, something that has only happened two or three times before in the magazine’s history. ( Read the full review on Guitar Interactive) ​​
Tom Quayle - fusion guitarist and guitar reviewer
Over my (many) years of playing, I have played a lot of brands, shapes and sizes, including Martin, Gibson, Froggy Bottom, Bourgeois etc., but always felt there was a better instrument waiting somewhere. I heard about Turnstone Guitar Co. and paid Rosie a visit at her workshop where I played some of her previous builds, and that was that! A few months down the line I am the extremely proud owner of a TG in Rosewood and Alpine Spruce, which, in the words of my daughter is "hands down, the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen, heard or held in my life!" 
And do you know what? - She's right. It is. 

Thank you Rosie. Very much. Only one problem, I want another one!

Martin Simpson at the workshop
David Barnett - Turnstone Guitar Company customer
Martin Simpson at the workshop
I first became aware of Turnstone guitars when I visited the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin in 2016. I was in the market for a top quality acoustic and had played a few of the “usual suspects” from several well known makers, but a visit to the Turnstone stand was a game-changer. The beauty of these instruments stopped me in my tracks; not just on the outside either - the insides were like nothing I had ever seen before. Each of the three I tried was a joy to play, sounded great and (to cut a long story short) I now own a T-ME which is a unique guitar made entirely from English woods.​​
Neil Hutchison - Turnstone Guitar Company customer
Martin Simpson at the workshop
I've played several of Rosie's guitars and they are excellent. Right up there with the very best, here and abroad. We have a rising star among us, I do not exaggerate. Rosie is a Kathy Wingert in the making.​​
Chris Stern - Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Martin Simpson at the workshop
In short, it's just a wonderful instrument to own and play. It produces a beautifully rich sound that you only get from a quality hand crafted guitar. The use of English woods gives it an extra special feel and is something that I find very beautiful. It is a work of art in its own right and sits pride of place in my living room :-)
Aron Jacob - Turnstone Guitar Company customer​
Martin Simpson at the workshop
...a seriously skilful young lady who in a short time, has earned a reputation for constructing acoustic guitars of the highest quality and build with a slight twist in her designs that catch the eye.​ (Read the full interview on The Tonebar )
Lars Mullen - Freelance writer in the guitar industry