How we build guitars

Beautifully handcrafted acoustic guitars.

Why our guitars are special
The build process
All our guitars are individually handcrafted by Rosie, allowing her to feel the wood, which is vitally important because every piece is unique and must therefore be worked differently.

Building by hand also lets Rosie make the necessary adjustments to the base design to suit the wood she’s working with. She doesn’t want to be bound by machines and a production line telling her what the right thing to do is – through understanding, experience and feel she can make the right choices for the materials she’s working with
Rosie uses traditional hand tools for many of her processes. She takes this approach to ensure she gets the best out of the wood that she’s working with. If Rosie used power tools for everything, she may miss a crucial clue, hint or warning from the wood. She believes this gives her the best chance of crafting some of the finest instruments possible.

To make sure Rosie doesn’t wear herself out completely there are a few exceptions to this. Utilising some power tools can make processes more efficient without sacrificing on quality, so for some tasks she may use tools such as a pillar drill, band saw, router or power sander. However, in these instances all are still commanded skilfully.